MAY 02, 2022 / NEWS

Direct conversion of cellulose to L-lactic acid by a novel thermophilic Caldicellulosiruptor strain

After major breakthroughs in the evolutionary adaptation of the proprietary Caldicellulosiruptor strain, BluCon Biotech now published its developmental work towards second-generation L-lactic acid production in the peer-reviewed journal Biotechnology for Biofuels and Bioproducts.

In this article, the ingenious steps of the evolutionary adaptation process are described that led to an increase in L-lactic acid production from 6 to 70 g/l from cellulose without the addition of external enzymes. Caldicellulosiruptor is able to simultaneously saccharify and ferment substrates and is therefore a promising candidate for consolidated bioprocessing. The recent achieved milestones accelerate BluCon Biotech’s ambitious goals and pave the way to accomplish its mission to develop a commercially viable and sustainable industrial process to produce L-lactic acid from agricultural and industrial lignocellulosic residues streams.